2017 Festival Entries

“Beverly Hall: Person or Place”
by Beverly Hall

“Setting Sail”
by Nathan Palmer

“Capriccio Espagnol”
by Isaiah Williams

“Chasing Shadows”
by Kit Noble

“The Painting”
by Melissa MacLeod

“Removing Bees with Jimmy”
by Beth Whelden

“Life 180”
by Doug Cote *2017 WINNER

“Twixt Boat and Firewood”
by John Copenhaver

“Interview Gone Pear-Shaped”
by Archie Ferguson

“Nantucket Love Letters: Sconset”
by Leighton Collis

“Squam Swamp Romp”
by Sue Riddle & Lizza Obremski

“Nantucket’s Least Interesting Man”
by Dan Driscoll

Past Festival Entries

Talkn’ Bees with Jimmy
Beth Whelden & Niko Loakimidis

Found & Lost
by Andrew Cromartie

ACK Nuclear Attack
by Don Cerow

by Thomas & Jack Bosco

Supreme Folly
by Beverly Hall & Niko Loakimidis

Everyone Has A Story
by John Copenhaver & Larry LeCain

Traffic–Fear & Loathing on Nantucket
by Dan Driscoll *2016 WINNER

Oilkid in Comeuppance
by Josef Kardel

by Kit Noble

The Power of Music
Scott Capizzo

Portrait of Cecilia
by Maura Wendelkin

The Conservator & The Geneologist
by Frank J. Cunningham

by Ty Fleischut

Half Master
by Kaitlyn Burke & Paul Berard

All In My Head
by Sophie Proch

Survival on Nantucket *2015 WINNER
by Thomas & Jack Bosco

Natasha Mariah
by Alyssa Randall

Island Love
by Ameila Murphy & Samantha Trattel

Music Man
by Grace Bartlett

Flora Crockett
by Arlene O'Reilly

Words of Wisdon & Wise Sayings
by Cary Hazlegrove

My Brother's Spirit
by Marco Bartkowiak

by Kristin Kellogg

by Reid Gilbard

Nantucket Winter 2013
by Cary Hazlegrove

The Underground Man *2013 WINNER
by Scott Capizzo

You and Me
by Ally Laredo

Unwanted. Unloved.
by Kit Noble

The Lucid Interval
by Jeff Tocci

Go With The Flow
by Ally Caudle

Common Ground
by Dan Driscoll